UEZ Program



The UEZ program was created in 1983 to stimulate growth in urban communities, and provide incentives for businesses to set up operations and establish jobs. 

Certified UEZ Businesses are able to charge half the state’s sales tax rate – currently 3.3125% and make tax free purchases on certain items such as capital equipment, facility expansions, and upgrades.  Additionally, certified UEZ businesses may take advantage of business assistance programs offered by the City’s UEZ office.  New programs are expected as funding is made available by the State.  

We anticipate that the following programs for certified businesses will be funded and available in the fall of 2023.  They include: 

  • Façade Improvement Program – the Orange UEZ Façade Improvement Program will be designed to assist local small businesses to preserve and rehabilitate the exteriors of their commercial properties, to preserve the economic viability of needed commercial services, and improve the appearance of the downtown business district.
  • Miro-Business Loan – the Orange UEZ Micro-business loan will offer a small loan that businesses can use for the following: Working Capital, Inventory, Supplies, Furniture, Fixtures, Machinery, and Equipment.  

In addition, the Orange UEZ has received approval from the State for the following: 

  • Military Park Project (Main Street):   The City received approval of $388,500.00 toward the cost to reconstruct Military Park.  This beatification project will enhance the look and feel of the downtown and attract shoppers and residents to the area.  The refurbished park will provide a venue for special events throughout the year.  This project will be completed in the summer of 2023. 
  • Litter Collection Project: The City received approval of $204,208.39 to hire six (6) part-time employees to maintain the cleanliness of the UEZ Zone.  The project also provides funding for equipment (brooms, shovels, blowers, etc.). 

The Success of the Program

Since its inception, the Orange UEZ has been an economic engine in attracting investment to the area including, but not limited to, large-scale residential redevelopment, new businesses, enhanced infrastructure improvements, streetscapes, public safety projects, and much more.  


Benefits of Participating in the UEZ Program

  • Reduced Sales Tax: Businesses in the program can charge half the state’s sales tax on certain purchases – currently 3.3125%, thereby, making the business more competitive to businesses outside the UEZ. 
  • Tax Free Purchases: UEZ certified businesses may enjoy tax free purchases on certain purchases including capital equipment, facility upgrades and expansions.  In most cases, the maximum amount allowed in tax free purchases is up to $100,000.    This means that purchases made for goods that are used and consumed in the business may be purchased tax free.  Supermarkets in designated food deserts are not limited to the purchase limit of $100,000. 
  • Financial Assistance: The UEZ maintains close partnerships with state agencies like the New Jersey Economic Development Agency (NJEDA), New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL), and the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (NJRDA).  These UEZ partner agencies can provide funding, technical assistance, and employment training opportunities. 

Register for the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Program 

Determine if your business is in the City of Orange Township’s Urban Enterprise Zone.

Click here for the UEZ Map  and enter the street address for your business.  If your business is in the blue shaded area, you are in the Zone.  If your business is in the yellow shaded area, your business address is not in the Zone.   Please keep in mind that a post office box cannot be used for determining if your business address is in the Zone; it must be a physical address.   

  1. Create/access your NJ Premier Business Services (PBS) account Step-by-Step Instructions
  2. Add your business to your PBS account.
  3. Click on the Urban Enterprise Zone link under Select a Service Center in PBS.
  4. Complete and submit the UEZ Certification Application.

To Get Started With Your Application in Premiere Business Services, Click here

Please keep in mind that a UEZ application can only be completed online.  You may complete the task yourself, or your accountant can complete it if he/she maintains the MyNJ account. 

http://www.state.nj.us/njbusiness/financing/uez/   Information about the program.


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