Tax Collector

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Mission Statement

The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of taxes levied on all properties in the City of Orange Township. These include the City of Orange Township Municipal Government Tax, Municipal Open Space Tax, School District Tax, Essex County Government Tax, Library and Open Space Tax.

Paying Taxes

New property tax bills are mailed out each July after the tax rate is established. The rate is based on the total amount needed for the six tax components listed above, divided by the total value of all properties in the City of Orange Township, as published in January of that year. The amounts paid for the 1st and 2nd quarter (from the prior year bill) are

subtracted from the total due on each property for the current year, to come up with the amounts due for the 3rd and 4th quarter. The amounts billed for the 1st and 2nd quarter of the subsequent year are also shown on the bill and are one quarter of the total billed for the current year.

If you made an improvement to your property, an Added Assessment bill is sent in October and is due on November 1st and the following year in February and May 1st. After that, the total value for the property will be added together in the new annual bill in July.

Payments can be made at City Hall at 29 North Day Street in person from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Payments may also be made online through the City’s website, or may be sent by mail. If paying by mail, please include the payment stub and/or note the Block, Lot and Qualifier (if any) in the memo line. The payment date is the date received by the City. Post marks are not accepted by law. Property taxes are due February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. Payments must be received by the Tax Office by the 10th of the month shown to be considered on time.

Per State Law, property tax interest is calculated at 8% on delinquencies up to %1,500.00 and at 18% on the amount over %1,500.00. Once the balance due reaches the 18% threshold, interest will continue at 18% until all balances are paid in full. There is an additional 6% year end penalty on taxes and water/sewer fees that have accrued interest of $10,000.00 or more and are delinquent as of December 31st.

Lost Bills

If you misplace your bill or did not receive the bill, please call the office and we can send a duplicate copy of a printout. As per New Jersey State Statute, failure to receive a tax bill does not affect the due date or the date that interest begins to accrue. It is the responsibility of each taxpayer to obtain the amount due on their property.

Mortgage Company Changes

If you have paid off your mortgage or change mortgage companies, please make sure the Tax Office is notified, especially if you need a duplicate bill. Each taxpayer is mailed a bill each year, even if the mortgage company is making the tax payments. You will receive a bill marked “FOR ADVICE ONLY” at the time bills are sent out if we have a mortgage company on file for your property. This is exactly like

the bill sent to the mortgage company, but lacks the quarterly payment stubs. It can be used for the amount due if you have paid off your mortgage and not yet received a new bill. If paying without the payment stub, please include your Block, Lot, Qual (if any) in the memo line.

Property Deduction Programs

There are (2) property tax deduction programs available to New Jersey homeowners. Senior Citizens or Disabled Persons earning $10,000.00 per year or less (NOT INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY) may be eligible for a $250.00 property tax deduction. Veterans who served during wartime or in the theatre of conflict for other specified military conflicts may be eligible for a $250.00 property tax deduction per veteran.