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The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides services for residents throughout the year. The primary responsibilities of this Department are to maintain the condition of municipal facilities and the community's cleanliness and good appearance.

DPW Mission Statement

DPW responsibilities include administering the following Divisions:

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division maintains (including snow plowing and snow removal) all municipal roads. It cleans and sweeps improved roads and is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic signs (street names, stop, no turn on red, and no parking signs, etc.). The Street Maintenance Division is also responsible for road markings, including crosswalks, fire lanes and parking stalls.

County roads which are maintained by Essex County include:

  • Central Avenue
  • High Street
  • Main Street (Scotland Road to West Orange border)
  • Park Avenue
  • Scotland Road
  • Washington Street

Parks Maintenance

The Parks Maintenance Division maintains the upkeep of 8 city parks totaling 12 acres, as well as City-owned lots, and three in-ground swimming pools. It is responsible for the planning, care of more than trees along public streets, as well as trees, shrubs and flowers in municipal parks and on public grounds.

Monte Irvin-Orange Park is a county park and is maintained by Essex County.

Vehicles & Equipment

The  Vehicles and Equipment Division is in charge of preventive maintenance and repair of municipally-owned vehicles and other mechanical equipment used by the DPW, police, fire and recreation departments.

Buildings & Grounds

The Building and Grounds Division is responsible for maintaining public facilities. These include the:

  • Lighting in all municipal parking lots and all athletic fields (basketball, tennis and baseball)
  • Fire alarm systems in all municipal buildings
  • Water lines at the municipal buildings, ball fields and parks
  • All fire extinguishers
  • Fencing
  • Parking lot meters
  • All park benches
  • Heating, air-conditioning and plumbing systems, and meters in all municipal buildings

The Building and Grounds Division is also responsible for shoveling snow from the walks of all public buildings and setting up the Council Chambers for Council meetings, various boards and Municipal Court sessions. Building and Grounds installs and removes holiday decorations and lights in the business downtown business districts for the Urban Enterprise Zone.


DPW coordinates with utility providers of gas, electricity, and water to ensure that all areas of the City are receiving services, and to resolve problems that may occur due to storms and other emergencies.